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Application Development

Enterprises need all sorts of business applications to run their business such as ERP, CRM, Warehouse Management, Proposal Management, Content Management, Human Resource Systems etc. Some enterprises may be using packaged applications while others may be having customized applications specific to their needs. All these applications however have certain non-functional requirements in common, namely performance, scalability & robustness.


Even though the hardware & network bandwidth have scaled up, so have the data size and the number of users accessing the applications. The expectations also have gone up. If there is anything which has gone down it’s the business users’ patience. Hence the applications need to be designed in a way that they are high performing under all situations. Our Application Development consists of software geeks who are not happy till the time they get their Big O value right.


You never invest in a software application with a one or two year’s horizon in mind. It’s a long term investment. With time, the users as well as the data volume would increase. The application in first place should be designed optimally keeping not just current requirements but future ones in mind.


You’d never want to see an error screen thrown by an unhanded exception. You would want your applications to keep working despite abnormalities in input, calculation etc. In short, you look for a robust application. At Polestar we guarantee robustness not just by exhaustive testing (at all levels be it Unit, System, Integration or regression) but also by having very strong coding guidelines & review mechanism in place where all the possible abnormalities are handled.

The kind of applications that Polestar can develop for you:

Enterprise Web Applications

Now-a-days, people want their business applications to be available over intranet & internet. An excellent web application development requires one to understand the complete page life cycle, the behavior of the web server, the page optimization techniques as well as the best practices around light & attractive visualization. At Polestar we have created very sophisticated web applications such as Intranet Portals, Warehouse Management System, Proposal Management, Costing applications, master data management system etc. More often than not, our web applications are integrated with the line of business applications as well as with the ERPs such as Navision, SAP & Oracle EBS.

Mobile Applications:

Mobile devices have taken the world by storm. Right from email, to Skype to business applications, people want everything to be accessible from their handset. However the wide variety of the mobile platforms, operating systems, hardware configuration etc. make mobile application development quite challenging. At Polestar we have strong mobile applications development team who have extensive experience in iOS, Windows as well as Android platforms. In Android, our team has experience in most of the major frameworks & operating systems. Our team also has significant exposure in creating mobile applications using HTML5.

Add to this, our creative designer and you’ve your enterprise mobility applications which is optimized, robust, scalable & sleek.


Be it a requirement to integrate your various internal systems or to integrate your systems with the outside world such as your suppliers or customers, we can handle it be creating a series of services which the other party can call. Creating these web services or messaging services requires strong technical acumen to make it comprehensive as well as secured. At Polestar, we have a dedicated middle ware team who play match makers between the systems. We’ve developed large middle ware applications for some of the leading E-Commerce companies in India enabling them to integrate their systems with the merchants’ systems.

We use the following technologies for Enterprise Application Development: