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The industry has a heterogeneous set of companies that provide the link between shippers and customers.

The industry’s challenges are multiplying—especially in the fast-evolving geography of multi-polar world.

Competing in this economically interdependent global geography– where capital flows are becoming multi-directional and the sources of competitive advantage are constantly shifting — has implications for every business in every industry. For a service industry like Freight Forwarding & Logistics, where speed is of the essence and profitability hinges crucially on how quickly bills are collected and paid, its implications are enormous.


      • The increasing complexity of customers’ global supply chains demands almost constant innovation in information and communications technologies as companies struggle to simplify their internal operations while developing increasingly complex and differentiated product and service offerings for a multitude of markets.

        • They must also battle for talent in an increasingly global workforce—and for key resources like energy where demand is higher than ever, especially in emerging markets.

      • The mounting customer clamour for faster, better and greener service poses additional challenges. The greening of the supply chain also presents new opportunities for profitable growth.

      • Coupled with mounting concerns about security, tightening regulatory requirements and trade flow imbalances caused by labor arbitrage in Asia, it all adds up to a huge strain on capacity management and asset utilization.

We developed analytics solutions ranging areas related to supply chain, Finance & HR for multiple clients in logistics industry.

Our team of Application Developer, Analytics Consultants & management have good understanding of Consumer Durable sector, its processes & pain points in current scenario. That is why we are able to provide consulting expertise to our clients in their journey of making the business more robust and accountable.

Our Differentiator:

  • Reusable assets for Quick Delivery
  • Experience in many implementations in Consumer Durable Industry
  • Iterative, benefits-oriented methodologies for quick delivery
  • Our team of Application Developer, Analytics Consultants & management have good understanding of E-commerce sector, its processes & pain points
  • Experienced team of solution architect to design best in class systems.
  • Team of Developers with can do attitude