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Given the changing & evolving nature of business requirements, the methodology that is to be adopted  needs to be flexible & adaptive. With ‘Quick turn around time’ as our claim to fame, Polestar team thrives to work with agile methodologies. The aim of an ‘SCRUM AGILE‘ methodology is to minimize the cost of change and uncertainty in the development process. To  understand if this optimization is a worthwhile focus, you need to know both the project and the business; the strong technical and functional understanding helps us achieve that.

What is an Agile development?

An agile development process means that IT teams work in short, iterative cycles based on end-user demand. Organizations are able to respond to rapidly changing market trends & demands, and deliver actionable insights in shorter time frames.

Agile rollouts deliver organizations this flexibility by:p>

1. Being faster to deliver

2. Increasing user adoption

3. Increasing Return-on-Investment (RoI

Faster to deliver

Focused on short development cycles with multiple iterations. Each cycle or sprint aims to deliver a piece of a working solution in a production environment. This allows business users to start reaping the benefits from their platform / product faster, rather than having to wait months for the traditional waterfall approach to be completed.

Increased user adoption

The IT and the business work together daily, refining the business needs through iterations and constant communication. This increases user adoption by focusing on the frequently changing needs of the non-technical business user, leading to high end-user engagement, and resulting in higher user adoption rates

Increased RoI

Agile roll-outs help organizations achieve higher RoI through shorter development cycles and business-user focused features that facilitate independent end-user interaction. This minimizes the amount of IT resources and time spent developing unused features, delivering working, relevant reports to end-users with regularity.

An agile development leads to effective communication (internal as well as external) and prevents swelling up of issues. At Polestar, we discourage a customer – vendor relation rather promote to work as partners with the client which allows us to:

-View requests from the ‘other’ viewpoint. This shows up as business people and technical people working together and creating user stories

Maintain a decent level of transparency with our processes to make the client feel more comfortable in working with us

-Deliver Excellence’. We are always trying to find ways to deliver a positive spiral of motivation, incentive, and technological break-through for the client

Complete Flow of each Sprint:

Our Differentiator:

  • Reusable assets for Quick Delivery
  • Experience in many implementations in Consumer Durable Industry
  • Iterative, benefits-oriented methodologies for quick delivery
  • Our team of Application Developer, Analytics Consultants & management have good understanding of E-commerce sector, its processes & pain points
  • Experienced team of solution architect to design best in class systems.
  • Team of Developers with can do attitude