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With the business processes of organizations becoming more and more automated, the next challenge is to integrate these applications (internal as well as external) to ensure efficiency & productivity gain as well as to reduce manual effort and thus reducing the chances of human error. Middleware is the “Software glue” which consists of a set of enabling services that allow multiple processes running on one or more machines to interact across a network. Before middleware can be used, it must present its own API to client applications that might use it.

At Polestar, we have a specialized team of Custom Middle Ware developers who use technologies such as Node.js to create custom RESTfulAPIs which return the output in JSON/XML format. Any system irrespective of the platform on which it has been developed can call these APIs and communicate with the publishing system.

Polestar has created a large middleware for a leading E-Commerce company where the core application was integrated with the applications of more than 100 merchants. This application resulted in huge productivity gain.

Why Polestar:

  1. Strong experience in creating secured and scalable APIs
  2. Functional depth resulting in better understanding of business requirements
  3. Methodologies to aid Rapid development
  4. Strong Quality Assurance processes

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