Connected Planning for Crisis Management in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 is a sudden crisis for organizations across the world and Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies are no exceptions to it. The outbreak has exposed the industry to sudden risks such as liquidity crunch, supply disruptions, a sudden jump in raw material costs & disarrayed CapEx plans.

Anaplan’s flexible, collaborative and scalable platform, with automatic calculations and updates, can assist your teams to quickly shift your plans & build resilience against future black swan events.

  • Listen to Financial Planning & Supply Chain Experts unravel the COVID impact
  • How to eliminate siloed planning to resilient & connected planning with Anaplan
  • Modelling the impact on your cash flow to quickly rejig your financial plans
  • What-if scenario analysis to strategize Vertical Integration strategies and CapEx Planning
  • Insights to fuel your short-term & long-term plans basis demand & supply side pull


Our Speakers:

Mr Amit Kumar - Managing Director & Co-founder @ Polestar Solutions - brings in years of experience in the supply chain domain, consulting companies across the world.

Mr Ankit Goyal - EPM Practise head @ Polestar Solutions with the deep domain expertise of handling financial planning and consolidation.

Mr Ankit Gupta - Anaplan Solutions Consultant & Pharmaceuticals expert with extensive experience in building transformative solutions for supply chain planning.


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