Digitization has revolutionized automotive industry. With increasing customer demands, stringent regulatory compliances and technology-driven digital transformations, the pressure is to innovate for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, dealers, and aftermarket companies within the automotive industry.

The industry is witnessing an evolving relationship between automakers and IT providers. Data is becoming a key asset for the whole production and manufacturing cycle. The decreased cost of collecting and analyzing data from vehicles and customers are enabling new ways to drive business optimization, turning data into a key resource for competition.

At Polestar Solutions, we’ve worked with many of the world’s largest automotive, to deliver cutting-edge solutions and helped them leverage the power of digitization and analytics to create winning strategies. Our solutions have helped our clients with adjusting production schedules, personalizing their marketing campaigns, and maintaining lean inventory.

Our Offerings in Automotive Industry

Business Intelligence and Visualization

With our deep subject matter expertise in the automotive industry, we’ll implement BI and visual analytics on use cases such as:

  • Increase visibility across vehicle sales and gain insights into buyer profiles and distribution performance
  • Improve parts management by matching inventory with the production plan to determine stock levels and take corrective actions to reduce inventory costs
  • Effectively track and control commissions and vehicle rebates
  • Measuring overall equipment effectiveness to analyze how effectively your manufacturing equipment is being utilized
  • Manage dealer performance across orders, inventory and region

Advanced Analytics

Create winning strategies such as:

  • Improve equipment utilization across the shop floor for effective inventory management and supply planning
  • Implement predictive automotive maintenance by analyzing the historical performance data of warranty repairs and common problems to predict and anticipate failures
  • Launch ideal auto financing schemes by analyzing data related to customer financial history and combining this with demographics and geography
  • Effectively manage marketing spend through personalized marketing and focus on specific groups of customers with targeted messages and offers

Enterprise Applications

The automotive sector needs innovative software solutions to be sustainable, cost-effective and address rising customer demands. At Polestar, we help players in the automotive industry create end-to-end enterprise solution and custom software applications that automate the complete back-end and sales process. Right from stock information, to customer inquiry and sales services with CRM solutions, RFQ systems we can help you automate your complete business process.
With the right application development partner in Polestar, your organization can stay ahead of the competition with the right software tools.

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Client Success Stories

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Use Cases

Top 5 Automotive Analytics Use Cases

Top 5 Analytics Use Cases for Automotive Industry

Automotive Analytics: Product Quality, Recall & Customer Satisfaction, Manage Risks Supply Chain, Data from Sensors, Cost and Financials tracking, Sales & Marketing.

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