Affordable smartphones and enhanced internet speeds have driven an unparalleled boom of a new type of consumer. Online shoppers, spoilt for choice, demand more features, and a flexibility of changing apps. All of this has made this a very competitive market with high volumes, constantly decreasing margins with a rapidly changing pace of technology.

At Polestar, our innovative E-commerce solutions exceed industry standards and ensure customer acquisition and retention. Our analytics and custom applications deliver a streamlined and rich user experience.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in M-commerce and E-commerce platforms. With our deep subject matter expertise and a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we a ensure that we deliver the best solutions, enabling you to track and measure your business performance indicators through application management, cloud support, API Management & Customizable features.

Our Services in E-Commerce

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Business Intelligence and Visualization solutions help you measure and track your business goals, KPIs and quantifiable metrics. We have partnered with some of the best tools in the market, Power BI. SAS and Qlik. With our customizable dashboards you will be well on your way in your self-service BI journey through Sales Analysis, Customer Analysis, Operational Analysis, Marketing Analysis, and Marketing ROI, Category/Merchandise Management and much more.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics has become very important for organizations as it helps capitalize on the mountains of empirical data already present and create actionable insights out of them. Our range of advanced analytics services for E-Commerce players include Customer Analytics, whereby Customer Journeys are quantified; Cohort and RFM Analysis, to quantify customer equity; Traffic Analysis, to measure marketing and advertising strategies against acquisition channels and developing recommendation engines.

Application Development

Each company is unique in the way they do their work, their culture, their strategies and so have different expectations for their product. At Polestar, we strive to create truly customizable solutions for your every need. From our in-house product, Catalogue Processing Tool (CPT), (for automating catalog data) to streamlining merchant integrations, from Magento solutions to Gateway integrations, we truly are a one-stop-shop for all your problems.

E-commerce Industry Dashboards

Search Trend

Bookings Analysis

Booking Cancellation Analysis

Origin-wise booking Analysis

Polestar helped us immensely with their MEAN stack capabilities. They were able to understand our business processes and successfully elicit requirements from our team. The solution they delivered helped us standardize catalog processing & reduce manual efforts which resulted in cost & performance optimizations. It has been a great journey and we really appreciate the flexibility in the partnership Polestar has been offering.

Nehul MalhotraGeneral Manager - Paytm

Use Cases

Top 5 E-Commerce & Retail Analytics Use Cases

Sales-Profitability Analytics & Demand Forecasting. Customer Analytics for targeted Pricing & Promotion. Supply Chain Analytics & Inventory Management. Sentiment Analytics & Competitor Analytics. Recommendation Engine & Fraud Detection.

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