Manufacturing companies are undergoing a significant transition period, dubbed as “new industrial revolution”. The customer expectations are rising, both in terms of price and quality of finished goods and service components. It has become important for organizations to move towards a paradigm where data-driven intelligence plays a crucial role in driving manufacturing decisions.

Manufacturing organizations generate enormous volumes of data. With so many moving parts, data gets generated at every turn. However, it only stays in silos, thereby limiting its utility. At Polestar, we have delivered enterprise analytics and custom applications to top manufacturing companies across the globe to overcome these challenges.

We use our deep domain experience to help organizations to gather information from multiple data sources and build powerful visualizations and machine learning models on top of it to derive actionable insights. This enables organizations to optimize their processes from the time raw materials are sourced to the stage where finished products are sold.

Our Offerings in Manufacturing

Business Intelligence and Visualization

We have worked to optimize manufacturing processes with use cases such as:

  • Supply Chain Intelligence by providing, people across your supply chain, visibility into customer demand and the delivery of goods
  • Key performance indicators in real time: machine utilization, process efficiency costs, inventory levels, losses and cycle times across locations and time.
  • In-depth cost analysis to track materials, manufacturing and production costs through multiple layers of information. 
  • Production schedules and inventory, enabling front-line workers to make real-time decisions thereby reducing waste and improving on-time delivery
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness, machine downtime and efficiencies

Advanced Analytics

Leverage Polestar’s expertise in the manufacturing industry to create winning strategies such as:

  • Implement predictive maintenance by analyzing the historical performance data of production units and machinery to predict and anticipate failures
  • Optimize supply chain with advanced modeling of thousands of parameters and conditions that have an impact on the total profitability
  • Reduce the number of tests required for quality assurance using big data solution with machine learning capability
  • Manage uninterrupted raw materials delivery using predictive analytics to calculate possible delays and raw material shortages

Application Development

With our custom application development expertise, we help manufacturing enterprises gain complete control over how the business runs. At Polestar, we help create custom software applications for customers in the manufacturing industry including applications that manage complex manufacturing process, such as integrating production machine operations, task allocation and workflow management, ensuring quality and compliance, field-service mobility services, managing product information and handling standard business processes such as putting quotations, logistics, billing and CRM.

With the right application development partner in Polestar, your organization can stay ahead of the competition with the right business applications.

Manufacturing Industry Dashboards

Weekly Breakdown Trend

Overall Equipment Efficiency

OEE Overview

RFQ Analysis

Client Success Stories

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Use Cases

Top Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analytics Use Cases

Manufacturing Analytics: Advanced & Predictive. Production Analytics for Operational Efficiency. Supply Chain and Risk Management. Demand Planning & Forecasting. Cost & Overhead Tracking.

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