Author - Shivanshu Sharma

Polestar is ranked 18th by Financial Times in Aisa Pacific region out of 1000 companies

The corporate sectors of the Asia-Pacific region vary in maturity, levels of governance and international profile. But this list of fast-growing companies, compiled with the FT’s research partner Statista, demonstrates that – from ecommerce and financial services to healthcare and beyond – technology businesses are leading the way.


Our Co-founder, Mr. Amit Kumar featured in Entrepreneur India’s Tech-Tonic 25: Class of 2018

Much like business-to-commerce models, for many new-age business-to-business (B2B) information technology solutions and services companies, expansion has succeeded profitability. While latter is relatively easy to come by in B2B, Noida-based Polestar Solutions has maintained hockey stick growth over last five years and without hogging spotlight.


Polestar Solutions & Services: Delivering the ‘intelligence’ in Business Intelligence- The Silicon Review Magazine

<p  style=”padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px;”>Polestar is an industry leader in the implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) and business automation solutions in Asia Pacific region. It has provided some of the best and most practical solutions for companies looking for data warehouses, data mining and business discovery.</p>


Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse- Match made in heaven

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse are two separate yet closely linked technologies. These technologies help an organisation to unearth the hidden value in their data.
But before explaining their relationship in detail, let’s first understand what these technologies do!
Business Intelligence is a technology-driven practice that transforms raw data into actionable intelligence. Data […]


From stone tablets to modern BI, your data has travelled a long way

The term “Business Intelligence” was coined in a landmark article written by an IBM Computer Scientist Hans Peter Luhn in 1958. He described Business Intelligence as:
“An automatic system developed to disseminate information to the various sections of any organization”.
This description really cuts to the core of what BI is. […]


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