Author - Ali Kidwai


ETCIO Annual Conclave 2020

The flagship Economic Times CIO Annual Conclave has always come across as a platform that showcased innovation and emphasized technology leadership.
The conclave has been introduced to recognize the tremendous work done by CIOs in leveraging technology innovatively in the ensuing business process transformations.
ETCIO Annual Conclave 2020 will yet again […]


Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik – The Heavyweights of Self-Service BI

According to Stephen Few, a data visualization consultant at NASA – “Data visualization shifts the balance towards greater use of visual perception, taking advantage of our powerful eyes whenever possible”.
With so many data visualization tools available in the market, which one should you pick? Well, in this blog post, […]

important Enterprise Performance Management

Why Flexibility Matters in Enterprise Performance Management?

For decades businesses have invested in a variety of services and products aimed at improving decision making, profitability, and overall performance. However, the problem with many business optimization initiatives is they lean to be focused on specific outcomes which often don’t translate to broader, enterprise-wide improvements in cost reduction […]

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics: 7 Steps To Built Data-Driven Enterprise

What differentiates enterprises in today’s highly competitive markets is their ability to make accurate, timely, and effective decisions in all aspects to address their customers’ preferences and priorities. Enterprises across the globe have started using advanced analytics to analyze their data by combining information on past circumstances, present events, […]


Beyond Traditional Finance with Anaplan Cloud Financial Planning Platform

In this everchanging business environments, organizations need to adapt and act quickly. Making excellent strategy, execution, and planning is the key enabler of rapid and more informed decision making. In the current scenario, the Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals are dealing with the pressure to quickly report financial numbers. They […]