Author - Tushar Sonal

Banking & Financial Services

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Financial Services & Banking Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services & Banking 
Artificial intelligence is creating an explosion of interest among the Financial Services & Banking companies. By delivering smarter applications that can simulate human intelligence, AI is rapidly disrupting existing business models and transforming every function- credit, operations, to customer service. Over the last […]

Agile Methodolgy

Why You Should Use Agile Methodology in Your Business Intelligence Project!

What Is Agile Methodology?
Traditionally, the development of any software used to be preceded by first defining the “outcome”. With the outcome defined, the development team then proceeded to develop the piece of software according to defined customer needs.
However, this approach ran into multiple problems with the demand […]

Manufacturing Case Study Cove

Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Component Manufacturing Giant Streamlines Decision Making With Qlik

Company Background
Our client is a huge global conglomerate. They manufacture & supply Tier 1 automobile components and have a global revenue of over $11 billion. They have around 250 factories operating out of 40 countries. They have a subsidiary company that provides IT solutions within the group. They also […]


The Secret To Becoming Successful With Your Analytics Strategy

Today, organizations are dealing with enormous data volume, generated from external and internal resources.  To succeed in today’s business climate, everyone from business managers and marketing directors to finance professionals and technology pros needs to deliver insightful and actionable analytics on the captured data.
Organizations can no longer afford to […]


Why Enterprises Fail With Their Business Intelligence Initiatives

The market for business intelligence solutions is growing at pace. Organizations are now adopting the technology to have a data-driven decision framework and gain competitive advantage. Business Intelligence solutions give companies the ability to make consistently informed decisions. Modern business intelligence tools come with flexible and interactive reporting features, […]