Author - Tushar Sonal

Becoming Successful With Analytics Strategy

3 Secrets On How To Be Successful With Your Analytics Strategy

Today, organizations are dealing with enormous data volume, generated from external and internal resources. To succeed in today’s business climate, everyone from business managers and marketing directors to finance professionals and technology pros need a good analytics strategy to deliver insightful and actionable analytics on the captured data.
Organizations can […]


Why Enterprises Fail With Their Business Intelligence Initiatives

The market for business intelligence is growing at a rapid pace today. Organizations are now taking initiatives to adopt a data-driven decision framework and gain a competitive advantage. Business Intelligence solutions give companies the framework to make informed decisions.
With modern business intelligence tools, that come with flexible and interactive reporting […]


Data Management Strategy With Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Many organizations today are struggling with a common problem: their data warehouse are unable to affordably house all their data, while simultaneously supporting all their data analytics needs. An effective data management strategy is essential for staying competitive. Enterprises are tapping into a huge volume of structured, semi-structured and unstructured […]


Analytics Use Cases In Consumer Product Industry

The global consumer goods industry is witnessing waves of transformation. Powered by changing consumer demographics, advancing technology and changed shopper behavior, these new dynamics are demanding companies to rethink their business models.
This is offering Consumer Product Goods giants an opportunity to revamp their marketing and operations using predictive analytics. […]