The BFSI industry operates in a ‘new normal’ today. Companies are plagued by uncertain economic conditions, tight regulations and changed investor demographics.

To capitalize on today’s market forces, financial institutions are optimizing operations with digital transformation, resulting in enterprise-wide impacts on the process, technology, and people. 

With our strong combination of industry and BFSI IT solutions expertise, we have developed process knowledge across BFSI sub-domains. We have successfully delivered of solutions to multiple clients across the globe. Our solutions have helped our customers maximize their ability to target, grow, and service clients and their portfolios; and achieve sustained efficiency.

Our Offerings in Banking Financial Services and Insurance

Business Intelligence and Visualization

With our deep subject matter expertise in the BFSI industry, we will help you make visual analytics available to anyone in your company. We’ll partner with you to:

  • Analyse portfolios down to individual position level while comparing performance and costs by broker, portfolio manager, fund, sector, market and other dimensions
  • Apply regulatory framework across entire book at the instrument level to provide visibility on impact of regulatory changes
  • Gain the clearest customer insights on the propensity to buy, sell or claim. Monitor the performance of sales agents and highlight areas of underperformance

Advanced Analytics

Whether you’re in retail or institutional markets, we can help you to:

  •  Adapt distribution strategies in an environment of regulatory changes to meet changing investor needs.
  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with existing customers
  • Capture greater share in new product categories
  • Optimize the broker/ agent channels while growing multichannel and direct sales

Application Development

In the rapidly changing world of finance industry, BFSI application development has to be more robust and more adept. Insurance technology has to keep up with changing methods of capturing and analysing data. Our custom application development technology helps banks and financial institutions streamline processes, optimize and create an enhanced experience for their customers.

With the right application development partner in Polestar, your organization can stay ahead of competition with the right software tools.

BFSI Industry Dashboards


Premium and Claim Analysis

Customer Satisfaction

Top-Bottom Analysis

Use Cases

Analtyics use cases in Banking

Top Financial Services & Banking Analytics Use Cases

Sales Revenue. Channel-wise & Performance Analytics. Credit Risk, Market & Portfolio Analysis. Lending, Payment & Transaction Analysis. Customer Portfolio and Segmentation analysis.

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