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Client overview

The client is a global IT services company based in India, with more than 12,000 employees and revenues
of more than USD 1.5 billion.

Identifying needs and challenges
The client is equipped with multiple systems to capture data across its various business functions. Some of these systems are on premise while others are cloud based. The cloud based systems presented the client with some difficult situations.Extraction of large data sets on a frequent basis (every 4 hours) and multiple instances of systems with differences between the data flow presented a challenge.Multiple sales teams were functioning and each of them had different reports. As the reporting was being done in isolation, it was difficult for the management to identify patterns in the data and form proper solutions. The customer issues were not resolved in time as many reports were taking months to get identified. They needed a tool for ETL which would also connect to other tools.The IT landscape was unstructured and crude, rendering the client unable to enhance their up / cross selling. Even the data that was being collected was not consistent and needed to be standardized and rationalized.In addition to it, a significant amount of manual effort went into creation of reports, which was time consuming and also did not provide very reliable information.
Technology stackQlik Sense BI suite
JIRA (Project Management Software)
Sugar CRM suite
Qlik Sense Connector for JIRA
REST API Connector
Solution implemented

Polestar used a consulting approach to first identify and iron out the data inconsistencies between the applications. A root cause analysis was performed and data was rationalized and standardized.

QlikSense based Business Analytics was used as the tool of choice after all the data related issues were rectified.

Qliksense enabled users to connect the data across various corners of the system and see the relationship between them for the first time.

Due to these complex data transformations and the well thought through implementation of the Qliksense BI tool, users now have the following advantages:

⦁ Issue Ageing Reports are marked and visible to everyone. Users now get informed about the time spent in resolving customer issues and other related details at any particular stage during the whole process. They are now able to understand the lags in service delivery and the reasons behind the delays in a better way.

⦁ Users are now able to see the progress of a report and estimate the closure time for any issue based on Moving / Non-moving issues in a particular month. They are able to perform a micro level analysis on each stage defined for any particular issue. They are able to get information about the number of issues that have been carried forward from the previous month, issues generated recently and the number of issues that will be taken forward to the next month.

⦁ The static MIS has been replaced with a more intuitive and flexible MIS which has made the analysis of data easier. The client’s management is able to create better and more informed targets for up-selling and cross-selling.

Value delivered

Automated report creation reduced the manual effort and number of errors made due to the same.

Gaps in communication and connection between different sales teams were highlighted and resolved in time.

Faster reporting enabled the client to act much quicker and identify priority issues, accelerating their performance.


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