Banking & Financial Services

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Financial Services & Banking Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services & Banking 
Artificial intelligence is creating an explosion of interest among the Financial Services & Banking companies. By delivering smarter applications that can simulate human intelligence, AI is rapidly disrupting existing business models and transforming every function- credit, operations, to customer service. Over the last […]

Agile Methodolgy

Why You Should Use Agile Methodology in Your Business Intelligence Project!

What Is Agile Methodology?
Traditionally, the development of any software used to be preceded by first defining the “outcome”. With the outcome defined, the development team then proceeded to develop the piece of software according to defined customer needs.
However, this approach ran into multiple problems with the demand […]


The Impact of JavaScript MVC Frameworks on Application Development

Website performance has always been a concern for web organisations. Organisations have always been curious regarding the performance that popular frameworks like Angular, Backbone and Ember offer. These frameworks offer very elegant solutions to existing complex issues and provide web applications with speed and convenience for the developer.
The frameworks
The […]


Top 5 E-Commerce & Retail Analytics Use Cases

The retail landscape is undergoing a change unmatched in recent past. This change has brought about a number of challenges for retailers ranging from complex customer behaviour and stiff competition to newer retail channels like e-commerce.
In this complex retail landscape, a single strategy is never enough. Retailers are required […]