The Impact of JavaScript MVC Frameworks on Application Development

Website performance has always been a concern for web organisations. Organisations have always been curious regarding the performance that popular frameworks like Angular, Backbone and Ember offer. These frameworks offer very elegant solutions to existing complex issues and provide web applications with speed and convenience for the developer.
The frameworks
The […]


Top 5 E-Commerce & Retail Analytics Use Cases

The retail landscape is undergoing a change unmatched in recent past. This change has brought about a number of challenges for retailers ranging from complex customer behaviour and stiff competition to newer retail channels like e-commerce.
In this complex retail landscape, a single strategy is never enough. Retailers are required […]


Benefits Of SQL on Hadoop

The standard for working and managing data for the past few decades has been the SQL language. The enterprise has been largely dominated by SQL. From operational workloads to reporting to analytics, SQL can be found everywhere. And, now this standard will continue on Hadoop. With the help of […]

Power BI Gold Partners

Why Power BI is A Game Changer

Power BI is a suite of cloud-based, self-authoring business analytics tools from Microsoft that was released for general public availability in July 2015. At the time of the launch, Microsoft Corporate Vice President James Phillips explained the philosophy of Power BI when he said that it “sets the standard […]

Becoming Successful With Analytics Strategy

3 Secrets On How To Be Successful With Your Analytics Strategy

Today, organizations are dealing with enormous data volume, generated from external and internal resources. To succeed in today’s business climate, everyone from business managers and marketing directors to finance professionals and technology pros need a good analytics strategy to deliver insightful and actionable analytics on the captured data.
Organizations can […]


Why Enterprises Fail With Their Business Intelligence Initiatives

The market for business intelligence is growing at a rapid pace today. Organizations are now taking initiatives to adopt a data-driven decision framework and gain a competitive advantage. Business Intelligence solutions give companies the framework to make informed decisions.
With modern business intelligence tools, that come with flexible and interactive reporting […]