Our architects create short-term and strategic guidelines to manage complexity, reduce maintenance costs and propose incremental upgrades in order to achieve a scalable and stable product.



Our developers work alongside client engineers on real application code and infrastructure to scale projects that are comprised of many applications, shared libraries, and autonomous teams.


Quality Assurance

We have a progressive model-based test approach that offers powerful testing solutions geared towards accelerated test delivery and predictive quality with simplified test maintenance.

Our Products

Recruitment Management System (RMS)

An enterprise-scale recruitment management system that improves recruiter productivity and streamlines the hiring process. The application is built on Node & Angular JS and MVC design pattern which allows faster development & easier maintenance.


Document Management system (DMS)

The cloud-based system that makes document storing easier than ever; allows users to publish and share documents with colleagues in a secured manner. The application is built on Node & Angular with MongoDB, a NO SQL database as the backbone of the app. Itís highly advanced interface provides structure similar to ORM.

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Success Stories


Truck Driver Fitness Application

Developed a Fitness application for truck drivers using Node.js, React & Redux. APIs were written that can fetch data from Fitbit and Yelp. Now drivers can track their health, chat with nearby drivers, and get workout recommendations. Replicated the same application for mobile using Ionic and Cordova.


Catalogue processing tool

For an E-commerce marketplace (an Alibaba backed venture) a tool was created using Node and HTML that can standardize the catalog coming from Vendors. The app performs spell check, reduces errors & iterations, makes phrase corrections / replacements; saving about 2400 man-months of manual efforts every year.

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