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Dealer Management System

For organizations which rely on a network of partners and distributors for sell-in, sell-out and sell-through, managing the dynamics of complex logistical networks is essential to the success of the business. To handle this complexity, we offer an end-to-end dealer management application. It ensures that you have access to transparent information and helps you make decisions on the go.

Our DMS acts as a decision node for distributors from where they can manage various activities It brings efficiency and transparency into your distribution network and lets you track primary and secondary sales. With attractive, interactive reports and dashboards, it reduces the turnaround time to make identify issues and make important decisions.

  • Separate logins for employee and for partners.
  • A partner can view detailed dealer summary report and create orders- view sales by dealer and model, view return values from dealers, scheme information, invoice status, account statements, and goods received.
  • With employee login, managers can register partners view partner information, upload sales invoice, view model-wise sell-out report, create schemes, discounts and track payments.

Accio Qlik

Track and manage your important business metrics in real time with Accio Qlik. It lets you configure KPIs and view them on your desktop as post-it notes.
This lets you keep business health check on-the-go, helping you take the right decisions at the right time.
– Plug and play application boosts your analytics adoption
– Induces transparency with access to the metrics in front of your eyes
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  • No need for separate login into your Qlik Sense Portal
  • Track key metrics on your desktop as a widget with key metrics brought to you in real time
  • Customize and resize the widgets as per your convenience
  • Open multiple instances of widgets and maneuver them with ease

File Management System

Automate data compilation with File Management System. As a plug-n-play tool, it collects, organizes and consolidates data from multiple excel files which are in multiple template and formats. Combining them into a repository of uniform and structured master data with the ability to identify and fix data discrepancies and map them as per business rules. It removes the dependence on performing manual checks which are prone to errors and it pushes data out to all desired distribution channels. Some of the use cases are:

  • E-commerce companies can streamline vendor and supplier information based on one single, trusted source of business-critical data for analytics and operations.
  • Prepare clean, trusted data and increase CRM user adoption by streamlining customer information and eradicating duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete account and contact records.
  • Increase agility in budgeting and planning by reducing the errors, iterations, the time taken and personnel required to ensure high data quality and gain the most accurate results.
  • Inbuilt capabilities for data enrichment by facilitating the editing, adding, and modifying of product information.
  • The application depends on business rules which can be entered from the front-end.
  • Add templates and organize categories, sub-categories, and attributes.
  • Map attributes to categories and adds custom validations to create customized business rules.
  • Perform checks for different kinds of errors such as spelling errors, outlier errors, validation errors, etc.

Mashup Generator

Create a mashup of multiple Qlik Dashboards & key business metrics, all in a single sheet, which can be highly customized. Add multiple objects in a single application sheet and keep a check on your KPIs in real time. These sheets can also be exported as an image or pdf file, for offline purposes

  • Build and customize mashup with applications according to your needs.
  • Put filters on your sheets to view your metrics with the required KPI.
  • Select different layouts and themes for the display of your mashups as per your liking.
  • Export whole sheet or even a single object from the sheet as an image, pdf or excel file.

Feedback Management System

Leveraging Qlik Sense and embedded analytics, we have developed a solution which collects feedback on the Qlik sheets or even each object of the Qlik sheet, by the people who have rights to comment on a particular sheet or object, within an organization.

  • Cuts time by recording feedback online rather than suggesting manual changes
  • Increases transparency among the stakeholders
  • Only concerned people have the right to raise a feedback
  • Manages the entire feedback process in real time
  • E-mail integration for alerts on a new feedback