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Accio Qlik lets you view the KPIs right on your desktop screen as a widget. These widgets are fully configurable and are integrated with Qlik Sense Authentication & Authorization. You can run the slide show of KPIs on a single widget or can even open multiple instances of widgets.


  • KEEPS YOU UPDATED: Crucial metrics that you can’t see at the right time are worthless. Keep yourself updated on numbers with Accio
  • SAVES YOUR TIME: Place the Accio widgets over any app and continue working with close monitoring of your metrics with ease.
  • INDUCES TRANSPARENCY: Use your large desktop screen for placing numerous Accio widgets & maintain transparency with your key metrics.
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Create a mashup of your multiple key business metrics, all in a single sheet, which can be highly customized. Add multiple objects in a single application sheet and keep a check on your KPIs in real time. These sheets can also be exported as image or pdf file, for offline purposes.


  • Build and customize mashup with applications according to your needs.
  • Put filters on your sheets to view your metrics with the required KPI.
  • Select different layouts and themes for the display of your mashups as per your liking.
  • Export whole sheet or even a single object from the sheet as an image, pdf or excel file.
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Fusion portal lets you manage your big organization with multiple clients, working on multiple platforms, all at one place. It provides asset management, expense management along with employee review and working hours accounting system.


  • Manage your employees working on multiple platforms, right at one place.
  • Beautiful and interactive UI.
  • Daily scrum report lets employee submit his daily work done.
  • Timesheet for track working hours.
  • Feedback management system.

CPT is a tool for automating the catalogue data mapping over the e-commerce websites. This product reduces challenges like reducing the errors, iterations, the time taken and personnel required to perform the product catalogue standardisation process.


  • Create multiple sub-templates within a parent template.
  • Configurable validation attributes and keeps record with logs.
  • Make corrections and replacements of phrases with File processor.
  • Export, work done and the processed excel files.
  • Perform spell checks.

Our application FFA is for field sales executives. It works on an online and offline version where if internet connection is not available then also user can interact with the application and once the internet is available user has the ability to upload what he\she has saved in the application.

Functionality Includes:

  • Attendance
  • Location Tracking
  • Reports Display
  • Upload Data
  • My Outlets
    • Adding new Outlet – (Manager Only)
    • Order Booking
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