Early Warning System

Churn Prediction Software: Early Warning System

Predict employees likely to leave & take preventive measures before its too late

High performing employees undoubtedly have a pivotal role in contributing to the growth of any organization. But sometimes they just quit, at the time when you least expected it to happen. This could take a hit on the undergoing projects and ultimately lead to revenue loss for the organizations.

Early Warning System, leverages predictive analytics and helps you to find the employees at risk. At the same time, it tries to identify the underlying reasons which render them to leave. All this happens by identifying the hidden patterns in the historic data along with the help of our sophisticated predictive algorithms.

Being aware of the underlying parameters that could be responsible for attrition gives you the flexibility and time to can act accordingly. Now, you can take prior preventive measures to avoid the churn before its late, and help you save costs since the cost of retaining an existing employee is far less than acquiring a new one.

Giving the Citizen Data Scientist, the functionality to:

Giving The Citizen Data Scientist

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Logical Flow

Logical Flow


Choose prediction model


Upload more train and test data and choose contributing factors


View the list of candidates with the factors contributing to their churn


What-IF Analysis: Change parameters to identify how churn of different candidates varies


Analyze accuracy of different prediction Models and choose the most suitable


Segment your Long-Term Loyalist, Loyalist and Newbies


Analyze the dashboard for the new uploaded data

Churn Prediction Software: Key Benefits

Improve employee satisfaction with actionable insights
Predictive insights on projects/revenue at risk
Manage employee lifetime value & accelerate growth
Better visibilty on workforce requirements

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