Inphinity Forms

Inphinity Forms–
A Trusted Qlik Sense Extension

Inphinity Forms unlocks infinite
possibilities on your Qlik Sense
App with its write-back functionality.

Inphinity Forms is the first natively integrated Qlik Sense extension that further pushes the self-services possibilities of your Qlik Sense Apps. It eliminates the need to export to spreadsheets for communicating or collaborating with your teams by allowing users to simply add comments or assign activities to the members of your team.

Further, it also augments the self-service functionality by allowing users to add any custom fields/objects without hassles of going back-and-forth or any dependencies.

Key Feature Highlights of Inphinity Forms:

Put comments on Qlik Sense Charts
Assign & Setup Task Deadlines
Add Custom Objects on Reports
Run Simulations & Build Models
Assess, Review, Rate and Evaluate Tasks
Manage Activities on your Reports
Plan, Budget or Forecast Data
Improved Data Quality

Some Popular Function Specific Use Cases

Finance 1


» Financial Planning and Forecasting
» Accounting groups,commenting, auditing
» Expense Management Simulations

Marketing 2


» Campaign planning and monitoring
» Marketing Funnel management & categorizations
» Marketing targets and expense tracking

Sales 3


» Sales activity planning,DDL tracking
» Sales Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting
» Write-back into CRM from Qlik

Human Resources 4

Human Resources

» Applicant and CV records
» Employee 360-Evaluations
» Incentive Pay-out Calculations

Operations 5


» Operational records (inventory, accessories)
» Logistics planning and optimization
» Resource & Shifts Planning and Allocation

Information Technologys 6

Information Technologys

» Data Quality Alerting
» IT Audits & Tickets Management
» Asset Utilization Management

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Qlik- Inphinity Webinar
Qlik- Inphinity Webinar
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