Qlik Buzz: A Qlik Sense
extention redefining collaboration

Qlik Buzz drives collaboration amoung Qlik users, in real time. It brings collaboration on a common platform by enabling you to tag users, ask questions on each Qlik object

Identifying challenges of Qlik users like one-on-one and offline mode of communication amongst the stakeholders on single Qlik sheet object and KPIs, we have developed a bolt-on module based on Qlik Sense. Qlik Buzz keeps traceability of the questions/comments and corresponding decisions made, beside every concerned object or KPI on a Qlik Dashboard.

Key Built-In Features

Hierarchy wise user configuration
Object wise permission control
Allow root access to users
List view of aassigned Qlik Applications
Single sign-on or SSO enabled
Instant notification e-mail on every comment
Get screenshots of comments on E-mail
Color scheme and interaction switcher

Benefits of Qlik Buzz Extention


Maintains a traceability of the decisions made by capturing the data points in the form of conversation thread.


Provides a complete picture to every stakeholder of the decisions by bringing collaboration on a common platform.


Timely decision making since the collaboration is in online mode and in real time.

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