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24 Feb

What is new in Qlik Sense Feb 2021 Release

Here's Our Take On The Qlik Sense February Product Updates. 

( *Disclaimer: The views expressed here are of Polestar Solutions, and may not reflect those of Qlik)

With the February release, Qlik has invested intensively in enhancing the end-user as well as developer experience.

The key idea behind this upgrade has been ease of development with more focus on analytics - simplifying reporting with new and better visualizations including statistical analysis. 

The video player, grid chart, and K means clustering being the highlights of visualization bundle upgrade are greatly complimented by the default analysis period feature of the Insight Advisor.



•  Sheet show condition

A new option has been added under the sheet properties to control the visibility of the sheet in a published app. Sometimes, we want our apps to show or hide a sheet basis the currently logged-in user type, or username and this newly added option is going to be a great help in such scenarios. In the past, we have been tweaking the QMC security rules to achieve the same results and this new addition will take less time and is quite easy to maintain. The new option is dynamic and can even use a database table or a spreadsheet data source to control the visibility of the sheet.


•   Use master measures in expressions


The master measures can now be reused by calling its name inside an expression. This gives developers an option to create one copy of the expression as a master measure and reuse it multiple times in other expressions. This helps save a lot of time during the development as well as maintenance of the app. In the past, the developer used to create and maintain multiple copies of the expressions even if one master measure is completely being reused inside another expression.



•    New Video Player


If you have a video file that you want to show inside an app, then the newly added video player can help you play the same. You can prepare a video separately to help the business users understand the dashboard quickly. This new capability has been added under the Dashboard Bundle library.



•    New Grid Chart


Grid charts are the go to chart when we have 2 dimensions and 1 measure. This chart will help in many scenarios where such analysis was requested. In the past, developers used to create it using an extension or other alternative visualizations but we can utilize this new capability to reduce the efforts with better quality.



•    DatePicker Improvements


The DatePicker used to have fixed buttons for predefined ranges. The "This" and "Last" buttons can now be customized to change X number of Day, Month, Quarter, Year or None. Also, we can select if we want to include current period in the above selections. It is now possible to click on any date within max and min. Previously, only dates in the model could be clicked on. 




•    Single click on mobile

     •    Polestar: The button and the slider no longer requires an extra click on mobile.

•    App reloads and partial reloads

     •    Polestar: New actions in buttons have been added for app reloads and partial reloads.

•    New functions available 

•    Polestar: The following three functions have been added to this release
o    Coalesce (exp,exp,...): Returns the first not null expression. Less need for nested if statements.
o    EmptyIsNull(exp) : Returns null if expression is empty string. Shorter, cleaner code. 
o    LevenshteinDist (str1, str2): The minimum number of single-character edits to turn string 1 into 2. Useful for fuzzy string comparisons


Augmented Analytics:

•    Normalization for K-means clustering 

Normalization for K-means clustering, this extension to the k-means function will enable the normalization of data to be selected and controlled by the user. Normalization added with K-means clustering. This will help the user to cluster target fields in a more productive way.



•    Default Analysis Period: 

•    This new capability enables users to specify a default period for analysis when using Insight Advisor. The default period will apply the conditions to the user experience such as "Month", "Quarter" or "Year". Default period can be applied in insights advisor to generate time specific charts. In the past, the insight advisor was not applying any period which led to returning all the data available in the data model for the selected measure.



•    Natural Language Multi-Lingual:

•    helps us querying the data with natural language searches such as 'what was our revenue last year'. We can also select specific dimensions, measures, fields and Insight Advisor then generates charts or finds matching charts in the app. So far, it was possible to use only English but now we are free to select another language from the provided list. This feature is now available in Windows variant as well and users can take advantage of the multilingual natural language model running on QCS as a remote service. New languages have been added on Insights bot namely: French, Spanish and Russian (*GIF prepared using Qlik Sense Business edition).



•    Qlik: Insight Advisor Chat can now be embedded in a mashup on Windows

Insight Advisor Chat is a chat-based interface for conversational analytics. It lets you search for insights in any app you can access. We have been accessing the Insight Advisor chat from the Qlik Sense Hub so far and now it is possible to extend this option to use it from the mashups as well. The users do not need to navigate to mashup pages for quick analysis and save their time by using the Insight Advisor Chat. We need to update our mashup script to support the embedding of the Insight Advisor Chat in it and the mashup users will get the same experience (*GIF prepared using Qlik Sense Business edition). 



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