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15 Aug

Qlik Sense For Enterprise Wide Reporting

Qlik Sense is business intelligence (BI) and visual analytics platform released by Qlik in 2014. Within a scalable, governed framework it supports a number of use cases such as centrally deployed guided analytics apps and dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, and self-service visualization. Qlik made a strong fan base as a vendor of a governed enterprise analytics platform with a strong data processing engine at the core with QlikView.

Now with the release of Qlik Sense, it has invested a great deal in developing excellent visualization capabilities. Qlik has very strong and trustworthy enterprise functionality and it can handle very large datasets. It can set up repeatable reports, manage the data access and scale to handle large workloads.

Qlik has proven to be very scalable and that has proved to be a strong differentiator when it comes to enterprise needs.


What Makes Qlik Sense Such A Revolutionary Platform? 

Qlik has strong data discovery features that enable the users to easily sift through their enterprise data and explore complex data to find all possible associations within the data. With its interactive drag and drop interface, it allows the users to create rich data visualizations in order to present the outcome in a form that they can analyze for themselves.



Great Visualizations

Follow these Visualization practices to maximize value from Analytics Dashboards, Qlik Sense provides excellent visualizations with amazing aesthetics and strong app functionalities. You can select from a range of visualization options to create rich charts and graphs depending upon your audience and what kind of data you want to highlight. With a range of visualization options, it clearly presents relationships among the values and lets you analyze your data at a glance.



Qlik Sense has a built-in responsive design which automatically responds to the available screen space. This makes it very mobile friendly. You can access your reports on the go and make changes on the fly


Storytelling With Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense provides data storytelling features that provide a way to share your data insights, within the context of a larger discussion.

With data storytelling, you can turn your data discoveries into a story by emphasizing important elements that support stakeholders in decision-making. With data storytelling, you can combine reporting, presentation, and exploratory analysis techniques in order to create and collaborate.

You can use snapshots of your discovered data to use in stories composed of slides and also enhance the snapshot with effects in order to emphasize the data insights that you want your audience to focus on. Take your story to new directions, trigger conversations and arrive at deep insights.


Associative Data Engine

Qlik’s Patented Associative engine indexes every possible relationship in your data which helps you gain immediate insights and explore your data in any direction guided by your intuition. Unlike query-based tools, it does not contain pre-aggregated data and predefined queries. That allows you to ask new questions and create analytics without having to build new queries or wait for the experts.

It allows you to discover dynamic associations and explore data relationships in multiple directions and see how your data is interrelated. This allows you to quickly view stories within your data without having to go through a long ‘wait’ cycle of re-building complex queries with the help of a data expert.


Governed Data and Security

With Qlik’s Governed Data Discovery feature, you can explore your data within a governed framework in order to keep your users happy and keep the data secure with the Qlik Indexing Engine (QIX). With its in-memory processing, its engine compresses data down to 10% of its original size. It gives much faster analytics with the columnar data store. The QIX engine allows fast analysis by computing aggregations and dimensions on the fly.

With the data governance framework, you can manage and secure your data assets by your IT department before users may access it. By centralizing and managing the data deployment and use, you can ensure data integrity and security and deliver users with trusted, credible data.

Qlik Sense has an end-to-end data management and data analytics platform that has the power to revolutionize your entire business with analytics. Qlik has been consistently recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms for the eighth year in a row. Qlik can be your complete end-to-end analytics partner in your transformation journey.

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