QlikView Qlik Sense Coexistence – Innovation Possibilities for QlikView Customers

At Qonnections 2018, Qlik announced a new offer to enable existing QlikView customers to more seamlessly and cost-effectively adopt Qlik Sense platform. This means that QlikView users have innovation possibilities by pairing their current apps with Qlik Sense for Self-Service analytics and utilize it’s advanced analytics capabilities.


In this webinar we will cover:
  • Similarities & Differences between QlikView and Qlik Sense 
  • Possibilities for Dual platform strategy (pairing Sense with trusted QlikView apps)
  • Demo: How to convert a QlikView app to a Qlik Sense 
  • Qlik Policies to support Coexistence 
  • Tips on developing a migration & adoption plan for Qlik Sense
Mr Varun Garg
Qlik Practise Head & VP – Polestar Solutions

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