Data Warehousing Services

Polestar Data Warehousing Services help you unleash the true potential of your enterprise through our innovative approach to data management.

The IT landscape in organizations is getting more and more fragmented with lots of point solutions coming into the picture such as on-premise or cloud solutions along with the files & reports that are floating around. That's where the data warehouse adds value by providing a unified view of the business. and furthering those insights with analysis and reporting.

A well thought data governance and data warehousing strategy helps enterprises to maximize the return on their investments by enhancing accessibility, transparency & functionality.

Polestar has got a team of data warehouse experts who have worked on sophisticated and complex enterprise-level data warehouses where the volume, variety, and velocity were all high. Our data warehousing consultants have architected systems & processes that have not only optimized for the current needs but were also scalable to meet future demands.

Our Approach

Our Data Warehousing Services

Data Strategy

We formulate a data strategy that is aligned with the needs of both business and IT users. It ensures your data warehouse to constantly keep pace with and meet your business needs.

End-to-end Implementation

Our practitioners have the expertise of implementing purpose-built data marts, enterprise data warehouses or federated data warehouses that serve as a solid foundation for your business needs.

Data Warehouse Optimization

We assess your existing data warehouse and suggest optimization strategies that are aligned with your business outcomes, support and performance requirements.

Data Warehouse Support

Our technicians have rich expertise across data warehouse technologies and provide consultancy in architecture, designing & deployment-related queries. We ensure on-time resolution for any incident round the clock.

Managed Services

An optimum data warehouse environment is maintained by our practitioners through daily monitoring of tasks, utilization of field-tested data warehouse processes and specialized tools.

Migration Services

An enterprise data warehouse is created which centralizes your data through data mart consolidation or migration from another platform. Our experts take into account your existing setup and suggest the most feasible strategy.

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Consumer Goods Multinational enabled effectiveness in Reporting & Decision Making

A data governance framework was formulated, and we set up a visualization layer on top of Data Warehouse... ...

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