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Deploy Automated AI for quick value from machine learning use cases

Why DataRobot?

An automated machine learning platform that helps enterprises develop and deploy best machine learning models for their data with a single click.

Enterprises often find it difficult to derive value from their data science investments due to costly hirings, unexplainable AI black models. These challenges arise due to three factors:

AI Path To Value


Start with data rich process and a well defined use case for predictive analytics


Tackle data challenges by employing solid platform for data prep, analytics, & visual


Take out technicality by utilizing automated ML and best of breed algorithms


Enmpower users of all type to quickly develop & deploy predictive models

Data Robot’s Automated Machine Learning capabilities can make this easy to deploy complex AI/ ML use cases for every user within the enterprise with a simple and efficient workflow. While previously, the user had to select and test individual machine learning models on their data, and fine-tune them in order to find out the most accurate model to deploy, data robot automates data science processes by integrating with ML algorithms (R, Python, Spark, H2O) and systematically comparing the different models, with complete transparency for the user, for predictive decision making.

Deploying the selected models was also a hard task for the user with the solution sometimes taking upto a month to deploy. Datarobot makes the deployment seamless at the click of a button with an API that makes the whole process done in minutes.

Polestar & DataRobot Partnership

Our strategic partnership with Data Robot adds a further asset to our end-to-end data offering for our clients. And help them deploy predictive analytics models with ease & real business impact

Polestar & DataRobot Partnership

Deploy 100 + Automated Use Cases Available, such as

Forecast Daily Demand By Store
Reduce False Positives For Anti- Money Laundering
Predict Customer Lifetime Value
Predict Likelihood of Loan Default
Discover How You Can get started with DataRobot & Deploy Effective Use Cases For Your Business Success
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