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About Embedded

Data is key to moving forward, as businesses during Covid19 have realized that a strong data backed insights framework will help businesses to recover, respond and thrive in an uncertain marketplace.

Embedded analytics helps to bring analytics closer to the points of action through game changing insights embedded into your workflow applications. You can access everyday insights to improve the business operations, take corrective actions with speed and get a 360-degree view by accessing analytics anytime and anywhere.

Our embedded analytics services will seamlessly integrate dashboards and reports into your current applications by using the best API frameworks and SDKs using popular server-side technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, or PHP, and JavaScript frameworks; providing detailed insights using a powerful BI engine. Our solution can also rapidly scale to serve complex enterprise use cases on top of any OS.

Why Embedded?


Allowing users to interact directly and ask questions


Make the most of your resources


Increase revenue and stickiness


Scale flexibly, securely with high availability

Our self service embedded analytics can be customized, integrated and deployed directly into your applications, products, and web portals - providing the users with fast and flexible analytics out of the gate. We have worked with leading organizations with embedded analytics applications to drive analytics adoption and increase data driven decision making by making analytics efficient and easy to use

Advantages Of Emedded Analytics

predictions Get predictions on your everyday operations
Acess your business Acess your business with 360 view dashboard
get real-time insights get real-time insights on business critical kpi
Access insights anytime Access insights anytime, anywhere on mobile bi
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