Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Charting the Path from Strategy to Performance

Successfully navigating your business through today's volatile and composite market conditions, needs an understanding of the past, a firm grasp on the present and a realistic insight into the future.

At Polestar Solutions, we offer EPM solutions for an automated easy to use, quick to deploy solutions that complements, leverages existing BI deployments, providing higher ROI for customers.

Our EPM solutions offer reliable & actionable insights to management on key business metrics. It truly democratizes the power of EPM by making it accessible to the masses, who can utilize its power to get more efficient and productive in this hyper-competitive market.

We bring the experience and expertise of business intelligence and analytics technology, design of dashboards, and flexible frameworks catering different domains & industries to offer a complete solution for your enterprise.

Enterprise Data Management Services We Offer

Business Planning and Budgeting 1

Business Planning and Budgeting

Fully utilizing our strong industry experiences, we provide tailored consulting services to our corporate clients to streamline their planning & budgeting process. We offer services that include annual target measurement, business plan, objective analysis, budget analysis, and implementation of a budget management system.

Business Analysis and Management Report 2

Business Analysis and Management Report

In recent years, swiftly growing mid and large-sized enterprises demands timely analysis and reporting of business health to support the decision-making. We employ leading technologies to offer intelligent data modelling, insightful management report consulting, and agile system platform to help enterprises gradually enter an era of digital decision-making.

Strategy to Plan 3

Strategy to Plan

Strategy to Plan refers to the process that prepares you for achieving your strategic goals. This includes your corporate strategy translating it into definite measures and initiatives. Our team helps you in defining what are the important measures at different levels of the organization against which you should track performance and risk.

Costing 4


Costing helps organizations to evaluate the most and least profitable products, customers, and channels. We help companies determine the true contributors and detractors by analyzing the financial performance, setup measures toy predict costs, and optimize the resource requirements associated with changes in production volumes, service portfolio and organizational structure.

Use Cases Implemented

Why Choose Us

Strong Consulting Approach

Strong Consulting Approach

We strongly believe in being business enablers for enterprises and we deliver solutions that help our customers unbox extra value from technology.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We ensure highest-quality standards with multiple rounds of quality checks via code reviews, testing and globally bench-marked best practices.

Deep Domain Expertise

Deep Domain Expertise

We have deep subject matter expertise in relevant industry challenges and have delivered world-class solutions to top enterprises worldwide.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Our solutions are delivered within the Agile framework to address evolving business needs and reducing the time-to-respond to key business scenarios.

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