Engagement & Support Models

Engagement & Support Models

Flexible engagement models, catering to your evolving software development needs

Our engagement model defines a framework and the rules for our collaboration. By providing collaborative solutions to a global clientele base, we help to increase operational efficiency and allow our clients the ease to focus on their core competencies.

Our engagement models are flexible enough to adhere to and incorporate your custom requirements in an agile manner, catering to your evolving software development needs in a dynamic global market and allow you to remain focused on your strengths and abilities.

Our Focus Is On Helping You With

Cost-effective and optimal use of resources
Appropriate communication channels using streamlined processes
Defined SLAs, assured security and non-disclosure adherences
Instant tap into our highly skilled resource pool and project management expertise

Our Engagement Models

We understand that each client requirement is unique and varies as per the business needs, projective objectives and structures. Hence, we provide completely customized solutions to help you to manage your project outcome efficiently.

TIme and Material Project Based/ Fixed Cost
Staff Augmentation Managed Time & Material
Dedicated/FTE Retainership Ad Hoc/ Flexi
Model Description Dedicated resource working at full capacity for the whole month Dedicated resource working at partial capacity A dedicated resource is not guaranteed. Useful when resource is required for shorter span of time (like for few days or week) Scope based and working within a defined and agile working mode. You get the best of our technological and domain expertise & proven years of delivery expertise and turnkey solutions Scope based and working within a defined working mode, to meet project objectives. We bring years of delivery expertise and turnkey solutions
Model Terms Resource commitment of 160 hours i.e complete man-month Commitment of 80 + hours in a Month. No minimum commitment. Idle time is charged if not notified by the client. Team of resources will be provided according to project needs. Project Governance is set up for smooth functioning Team of resources will be provided according to project needs. Client does not need to be involved on a regular basis
Best Suited For Companies in need of building / extending a team of developers who can work in close collaboration. Works best for companies that don’t have exact requirements, but need resources on an immediate basis. Companies with discontinuous needs Best suited for companies which have well-defined requirements Best suited for companies which have well-defined requirements
Resource Utilization Maximum (100% ) Medium (50%) Less than 50% Based on project needs Based on project needs

Our Support Models

Support packages allow you to keep business applications run smoothly and up to date with a minimal cost of ownership, setting up of clearly mapped-out responsibilities, and reduced upfront investment.

What Is Covered Under Support?

Our typical activities, conducted from Polestar’s offshore NOC, are designed to deliver faster, better, convenient, and accurate IT support. Our cost-effective support activities follow the best-in-class methodologies and frameworks, and are designed to help you derive maximum return from your IT investments. We offer diverse support packages based on your project requirements.

Benefits Of Our Support

Improve employee satisfaction with actionable insights
Predictive insights on projects/revenue at risk
Manage employee lifetime value & accelerate growth
Forecast workforce requirements in advance

What We Do As Part Of Analytics Consulting Exercise

Our Data & Analytics Support 1

Our Data & Analytics Support

Our data and analytics support services will help to tune your existing analytical solution within days or even hours, by analyzing the as-is environment, defining the stumbling blocks and fixing issues that are preventing you from leveraging the full capacity of your data analytics solution.

Our IT Support 2

Our IT Support

Our managed IT support services will deliver you an end to end maintenance, helpdesk and support and consulting services. We will handle monitoring, updates, antivirus and security, as well as provide you high quality remote assistance so that you can focus on your core business.

Our Anaplan Support 3

Our Anaplan Support

Are you looking to develop your Anaplan solution further? As trusted Anaplan partners, we provide tailor-fit advisory and support services for Anaplan, helping to augment your existing investments with services around healthcheck, enhanced support and superior data integration.


Discuss with our representative in detail how our solutions and value propositions can find synergies with your business requirements.

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