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3rd Generation Business Intelligence: Unlocking All the Possibility In Your Data

Every business trying to compete and win needs intelligence – about their customers, suppliers, products, partners, and markets. Over the decades, the pursuit of that intelligence has gone by different names, including Decision Support Systems, Management Information Systems, Business Performance Management, Data Discovery, Data Visualization – all describing the general desire for Business Intelligence (BI). With the third generation of BI, that we have the potential to spread the power of analytics to every business user in the enterprise – and finally unlock all the value in data.

Big Data, Big Insights & Big Impact with Qlik

The next big idea to transform your business could come from anyone—if everyone’s armed with the right information. Big Insights come from acessible, associative big data exploration for nearly any use case. And Big Impact comes by accelerating ROI while transforming the business in an agile, governed environment. The Qlik platform drives analytic innovation and maturity and supports agile development. It allows users and developers to explore, experiment, and learn quickly—delivering value to the business at a pace that matches the deluge of new information you collect daily.

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